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My name is Devin. I started my media career as an intern at a multi-million dollar organization in the Caribbean. I learned how to create engaging content and worked my way up to the full-time role of Marketing and Production Coordinator. I moved back to Kentucky to be closer to my family and friends, and founded Norton ProMedia in 2019.

I don't expect you to pay my salary. I'm living the dream of turning my hobbies into a side hustle. So, I'm not going to charge the ridiculous prices you're used to from media professionals. High quality media is not the luxury that it used to be. It's a staple of our economy and lifestyle now. Maybe you're used to feeling overcharged and waiting forever for your media. I'm here to change that.

If you're a business owner, don't sacrifice the potential of your business. Focus on your people, products, and services. Let me worry about creating great content for you.

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