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Realtor's visual marketing Toolkit

Did you know 97% of homebuyers use the internet as part of their search? The way that you present your property online has a massive impact on your potential market interest and your bottom line.

Redfin Research Insights

  • Professional photos increase property page views by 61%.

  • Listings with professional photos ask for 47% higher price per square foot.

  • Properties over $300,000 are more likely to sell with professional photos.

  • In 2020, 63% of people who bought a home made an offer for a property based on a virtual tour.


National Association of Realtors (NAR) Statistics

  • 97% of homebuyers use the internet as part of their search

  • Homes listed with videos get 403% more inquiries than those without them.

  • 51% of home buyers found their homes through the internet in 2021.

With our Real Estate Ready process, we can give you the tools you need to prepare your property for listing and stand out from the competition.

















Real Estate


Real Estate ready

1 / Pre-list detailing

Professional photographers are good at capturing detail... including the major pile of dust bunnies and dog hair collected under the recliner. If the paint looks bad, then consider a fresh coat. Have you ever seen a vehicle on a car lot with greasy McDonalds napkins in the cupholders and a big dent in the front fender? Maybe, but not at a good car lot. The good ones hire detailers and dent repairers to add genuine value to what they're selling. A couple hundred dollars up front could pay off thousands in the end. Making the interior clean and presentable is critical to putting your best foot forward.

2 / Landscape Prep

Curb appeal is crucial for exterior photographs - including those taken from the air. At the end of the day, it's basically landscape photography. In landscape photography, it's the job of the photographer to guide your eyes through the landscape and settle on the primary landmark, giving the viewer a sense of what it might be like to be there. If the buildings looks good, but the landscape feels unkempt, then that's exactly what's going to come across in the visual media.

3 / Staging

Whether your property is an occupied or a vacant listing, creating an atmosphere complimentary to the building and environment should be a high priority for the photoshoot. Think of it as brand continuity. We're not suggesting a complete home renovation, but the eye of a seasoned designer can add some finishing touches to a property that just seems to be missing something visually. Usually, less is more.

4 / Photoshoot

Now that your property is ready for its close up, it's time to capture it. From a technical standpoint our phones are capable of taking amazing photos, but a professional photographer doesn't just bring a better camera. We bring years of experience in our craft. We think about when to schedule the shoot for the best light based on the time of day, the weather, even the orientation of the house and the layout of the windows. We know how to use/control the intensity and temperature of the light to get the look we want. Heck, we bring our own light. We make decisions about which of our bag full of lenses will be best for capturing this room. We don't just take pictures. We live it; we breathe it; and that's why we can add thousands of dollars to your asking price (or at least make your client's fairy tale a little more realistic) in just a few hours.

5 / Editing

The editing room is where good photos become great ones. We color correct, balance, and enhance each image to ensure they pop off the screen. This isn’t just about adjusting brightness or contrast; it's an artful process of bringing out the property's true character - sparking the imagination of potential buyers.

6 / Listing Copywriting

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the right words could be worth a few thousand dollars if they can get a potential client to dream about a property. A fireplace can become Christmas memories. A spacious back yard can turn into late summer nights with friends. There's no limit to the imagination a good copywriter can inspire.

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